From my very humble beginning on south 27th street in “the barn” with no plumbing, with a kid and his desire to have his own business and perform the art of automotive window tinting Film Pro is born as “An Untouchable Enterprise”. In 1995 I began this journey by pulling money from a credit card and putting down a security deposit on ”The Barn” to open my first tint shop in order to offer window tinting at an affordable price to as many people as I could serve. Going through all the struggles you could imagine and eating too much pizza from the pizzeria next door. Working late hours and spending day and night at “The Barn” to serve my growing customer base. “The Barn” was located on south 27th street in Milwaukee Wisconsin and had good traffic flow. There were many dealerships in that area that I began to serve and soon I became their go-to window tinter which helped to prosper and keep the business moving forward especially during the winter months when few people are thinking about getting glass tinting done.
By 2003 I am looking for a place to call my own and I put in an offer to purchase a commercial/residential property just a half mile up the road and after doing some retrofitting to the facility behind my new home I move the operation to the new location and work from there till roughly 2012.
 When life changes and a decision to move out to the country change my perspective and I decided to start a mobile operation and serve a wider array of businesses local to Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine counties.

This mobile operation continues successfully for years and gives birth to the largest account I could ever dream of in Waukesha at The Wilde Automotive group where I serve as the resident in-house glass tinter doing around 100 cars per month. This account alone made it necessary to establish myself in Waukesha close the Wilde facility. In 2015 I rented a property on East main street in Waukesha. A beautiful 4000 square foot facility. Although it was a nice place to work it was more than I needed and I soon found the shop I am currently in on Square circle where I plan to be established until I retire from this fantastic industry. Come and see me for your next tinting job…