All the craze today in the automotive window tint market is the ceramic window tint film. Don’t get me wrong. It is cutting edge technology and it is worth the money but do you actually need to spend a month’s pay to get the stuff installed on your car? That is the real question. I have done a ton of research and have come to the conclusion that there are some great affordable ceramic window films out there that will look great on your car. What is all the fuss about ceramic window tint? Ceramic window tint is a special manufacturing process that combines either a dyed polyester or a carbon-based film with a clear nano-ceramic window film for maximum infrared heat rejection. This results in a few degrees cooler in your car when the car is sitting out in the sun on a hot day! The ceramic window tinting film will have a lower Infrared emitting percentage when tested. The dyed polyester film is the more affordable of the 2 and a dyed film made by the right company can be a great choice. I use Johnson window films Infrared IR Series film at the time of this writing and it is a great choice. It is a color stable film that will last for years and years without any color change. The bottom line with this film is that by just looking at the film you can not tell the difference between it and another film. You need to deal with a window tint installer with a good long track record in the business so you know that you are dealing with someone you can trust. If you are looking for a window film installer in the Waukesha or Milwaukee area to install Ceramic Window Tint on your car get int touch with us today.