I get phone calls all the time asking me if I do laser cut or computer cut and most of the time I can tell by the conversation that the customer does not even know what this means. Usually, they have had a friend or someone instruct them to request this service. They are led to believe that this particular question will lead them to the most qualified window tint installer. This is the farthest thing from the truth. There are many other things to consider while searching for a professional window tint specialist when searching in Milwaukee or Waukesha. I made this video to show the process of computer cutting window tint so that you could be more familiar with the equipment and the process. Much the same in any other professional service the main thing to look for is experience. A window tint professional with a good long track record and many jobs under his belt can not be replaced. A real professional can outperform a plotter most of the time due to factors involved with plotter resolution and pattern imperfection. Yes, most window tint professionals today use this type of equipment but that is not the end all be all for finding the right installer. First and foremost window tinting is an art and the installer if he is a good one that can hand cut is an artist. Another thing to consider is that pattern software used for computer cutting is comprised of a database of patterns. Those patterns were originally cut by hand by a master craftsman and then scanned into the pattern database which further proves that the installer and his ability and experience is first and foremost on your list of things to inquire about when looking for that professional to work on your car.