Ceramic Window Film by Rayno

After 25 years in the window tint industry, I have used all the glass tinting films one can name off that are or have been available to window tinting professional. I have used all the best and worst films out there including….

  • SunGard
  • Madico
  • Johnsons
  • LLumar
  • 3m
  • Suntek
  • Nexfil

I have found that most are decent to work with and the only real question is color stability. I have to be honest and say that I really don’t like the big film companies that are overcharging for their product and I have spent much time testing out affordable window films so that I could provide an affordable tinting solution to my customers and at the same time making a decent return on my work. This has in the past backfired one or two times and resulted in a film that has changed colors on my customers. I apologize for that. I did this not in an effort to be cheap but in an effort to find a film that I could use that was not ridiculously priced. I Believe I have found that film and I’m excited to share what I know about Rayno Window Films. This South Korean company has literally invented a window film manufacturing process that I believe is going to change the way window film is manufactured and in the years to come all other window tint manufacturers will be trying to copy this method of filmmaking. This cutting-edge film manufacturing process fuses the color stable film substrate carbon with nano-ceramic particles to make one consistent piece. This makes void the layering manufacturing process being used by all other window tinting film manufacturers out there today.

Rayno Window Films offers all the different shades of film being offered today by any of the other manufacturing companies and have several different lines of film that I will be demonstrating in future videos and posts. I’m super excited about what Rayno Window Films has to offer and would love to put Rayno Window Film on your car. 

Rayno window film will prove to be color stable as it contains no dyes. This is something that not many other film manufacturers can claim as most other companies out there are still using dyed polyester. Big name companies like LLumar and the like. This dyed film can appear color stable to the naked eye but in further examinations and in different situations it becomes clear that is not always the case. For example, If you use one of these well know films with a dyed polyester base layer on your car and a window gets broken. You replace the window and when it becomes time to replace the film on the new window. You could run into a situation where the same brand and shade of film will no longer give an exact match because the film on the car has changed colors ever so slightly. This could put one in a position where they may have to consider redoing the entire car just to get an exact match. This gives the buyer something to consider. It has been a difficult process bringing the carbon-based material to market. It took manufacturers some time to develop this material so that the optical clarity was was crystal clear and Rayno Window Films has perfected this process! The film is beautiful to look through and a delight to install!

Ceramic window film provides an unmatched level of protection from the sun and is in no way just sales talk. This can be demonstrated right before your very eye. I have the heat box from the video above in my shop and I can personally so you the difference between the different films that I offer and the results will leave you speechless. We are talking about as much as a 95% heat reduction. I invite you to come in and check out the benefits for yourself. Imagine you and your family in the car comfortable as can be on that hot summer day because you spent some time shopping and purchasing the right window film that can stand up to the job. Just one of the many things I am excited about with Rayno Window Film.