One of the most effective ways for your window tint professional to produce a quality job is for him to remove or at least pop the door panels. The customer can sometimes feel as though this will damage the car but rest assured this is going to lead to a professional and clean install. The door panel can and will be put back in place with out a problem. This process of popping the door panel allows the door gasket or sweep to be temporarily removed allowing the installer to bottom feed the window tint. This means the tint can be installed in one shot with out having to manipulate the film to much causing damage to the film and reducing contamination. This should be a part of the shopping process for anyone calling around to the different tint shops. Of coarse price, film and scheduling are on top of the list of things that people inquire about but most of the time people are not to focused on technique. The how will the job get done question should be addressed. This is the stuff that is going to make or break the window tint install and determine if you will be satisfied or disappointed. Cleanliness is the name of the game. Top loading the film requires that the door piece be installed in 2 sections and also leaves 25% of the film exposed to creasing and contamination. When top loading the top 75% of the piece is installed and finished while the other 25% of the tint is left hanging away from the glass. When the top is applied and ready then the window is rolled up and the bottom section is installed. The bottom portion is manipulated and tucked into the door panel as the sweep or gasket is left in place on the door. It is easy to see that this is going to lead to potential damage to the film and contamination in the form of dust and dirt. The least amount of time the installer has to handle or manipulate the film the better. Thus the removal of the door panels is the way to a clean and professional install.