Setting up your plotter to cut window tint can be a frustrating situation but the problem is compounded when static electricity enters into the mix. When I first started using a plotter to cut window tint for my automotive window tinting business money was tight and I was forced to purchase a cheap plotter. The unit I ended up with was the Master fc-3600 series plotter. Now I know what many had to say about this plotter. Those with experience such as Brett the owner of Film and Vinyl designs out of Texas tried to warn me on the nightmare that I was entering into. At the time I though that it was an up sell and that it could not be that bad so I proceeded with the purchase. The next 3 months would prove to test my patience to no end. This unit was possessed by ┬ádemon from the pit of hell or so I thought for this entire time period. The unit had a mind of its own while cutting window tint. It was no problem when cutting vinyl but the window tint was another story. Window tint film inherently comes with varying levels of static electricity. The master plotter was very susceptible to this static electricity and would respond to it in several ways. Number I had inconsistent blade pressure which led to the blade cutting through the window tinting film and then jamming the plotter. The machine would freeze up and other crazy behavior. This led me to do massive research and form reading. Ultimately I read a forum somewhere that explained that grounding the machine would prove to be a solution to this problem. I was going to try this one last thing before I tried to return the machine to the manufacturer. I was convinced that the unit was damaged and I had enough. Luckily for me this grounding of the plotter changed everything and the plotter became usable. In the video below I show you how I grounded the unit and was able to successfully cut window tint film for me business. So would I recommend one of these cheap plotters to someone starting out in the sign business or window tint business? Here is my answer. Yes I would. If you are in a position where you can’t afford a more commercial unit and you want to get your feet wet using a plotter and you are going to take the time to actually set the plotter up correctly than go ahead and make the purchase. It will make you a more efficient window tinter which means you will make more money. Take A peek at my video below to see the solution that I had for this unit and I wish you the best of luck on your journey with a cheap plotter. I would like to mention that after about 1 year I did upgrade to a vinyl express q54 and the difference is night and day. If you can afford to purchase a real plotter that is known to be professional grade don’t bother with the cheap plotter and go straight for the pro grade unit. Good Luck