If you are thinking about getting your windows tinted than its a good Idea to understand the legal ramifications in your state. For the majority of people reading this post that will be Wisconsin. Having a full understand of what is allowed and what is not is important because not knowing could result in a citation and no one wants that. This decision is also made complicated because of what happens when you mix the film with the glass. In this video I explain how that works. I will also explain it briefly here. The legal limit in Wisconsin is 35% on the rear window and the rear doors and 50% on the front doors. Here is where things get a little complicated. The glass itself filters out a small percentage of overall light. Let’s say its 3%. When we subtract┬áthis 3% from┬áthe allowed 35% for the rears we get 32%. We now have an illegal tint job if we run into the wrong police office. Luckily for us not many officers in Wisconsin are looking for people to pull over for window tinting. It has actually become a rare occurrence for anyone to get pulled over for window tinting but once and a while it happens. The main thing to know is that there is a legal limit, to be aware of what it is and to make a rational decision as to what makes sense for you and your window tinting needs. Most people in Wisconsin honestly are driving around with illegal window tinting and not having a problem but some people don’t want to take the risk. We offer the normal selection of films and you can see them in our tint simulator here. Please watch the video for a full explanation of the window tinting films and the legal issues involved with choosing a shade for your vehicle.